Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Wedding dress...

''Oh?wedding dress?? big bang 's......Taeyang???''
Absolutely NOT!!! although tis song is nice=D  but my topic is not bout de bout my wedding dream....^^ did u guys think bout tat???
      2day...I pass by a wedding photography shop....tis shop will offer de couples to hv their shooting in abroad...=D ahh!! I like it!!! n I saw one of de couples hv their shooting in Macau...!!!wow!!!nice u noe!! I like it so much!!! n in Hong Kong one oso very nice^^    From de moment on...i tell myself ,i wanna hv my wedding photography in Macau n Hong Kong~~~ the time...hehe~~i oso think bout Xander n I go shooting wedding photography in Macau there!!! ahaha~~ i hope it will bcum true~~~<3 =P
       Arh!!! rite!!! forget to tell u guys~de shop's name-''I do''~in Ipoh~~~

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