Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Wedding dress...

''Oh?wedding dress?? big bang 's......Taeyang???''
Absolutely NOT!!! although tis song is nice=D  but my topic is not bout de bout my wedding dream....^^ did u guys think bout tat???
      2day...I pass by a wedding photography shop....tis shop will offer de couples to hv their shooting in abroad...=D ahh!! I like it!!! n I saw one of de couples hv their shooting in Macau...!!!wow!!!nice u noe!! I like it so much!!! n in Hong Kong one oso very nice^^    From de moment on...i tell myself ,i wanna hv my wedding photography in Macau n Hong Kong~~~ the time...hehe~~i oso think bout Xander n I go shooting wedding photography in Macau there!!! ahaha~~ i hope it will bcum true~~~<3 =P
       Arh!!! rite!!! forget to tell u guys~de shop's name-''I do''~in Ipoh~~~

Friday, 18 November 2011


I FEEL STRESS...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I dunno wat can I do...I 'm afraid tat wat I hv study  r useless...AND out of my brain,it means I will forget all..!!! T_T  I dun wan tis!!!AND I 'm afraid when I sitting in the exam ,my mind is blank... @.@ Arh....DONT!!! PLZ  DONT  LET ME  FALL  IN  SUCH HORRIBLE SITUATION!!! Plzzzzzzz.....T_T I wish tat I can memorize all I hv read...n dun forget it...I oso wish tat I can answer all questions in the exam...I wish will be come true....  I KNOW I CAN DO IT!!!
            Scond problem...T_T I really dunno wat can I suppose to do with my face....WHY!!! WHY u wan to come out wit big amount..OIL!!!  Do u noe tat if u come out,ur friend oso come out..-pimples,blackheads,acne... Bcuz they like u so much!!  U can come out without my permission...BUT ...plz....DUN B SO EXCITED to come out!!! I am thankful tat u moisturise my skin... Erm.... Can u come out little by little....?  Plz.... My facial problem is even serious than upset u noe...tis problem make me feel scared to communicate wit others..especially boys... n..I can't chase someone tat I love..bcuz of it(although the most important is our heart..)In reality...our appearance is quite important..bcuz we are HUMAN!!!   Truthfully.I am more prefer to a person's heart,but I hope my facial problem dun b more serious AND will hv a OK appearance too because I want to b more confidence when I communicate wit others n oso I want a boyfriend too^^

Saturday, 12 November 2011


COOKIES!!! I <3 U!!! AHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!~~~~~  Sry 4 everytime I disturb u~~~^^Mianhe~~~ mayb I will give up...NOT bcuz of I din like u ady...BUT...I noe tat u'll nt like me...b friend?of cuz can~But I am more want u to b my BOY FRIEND^^ These few day...I 'm so naive thinking tat u n me will be together later....I 'm so happy bout tat...BUT!!! IT iS IMPOSSIBLE!!! In fact,it is jz me one-sized to love u ,to like u only....huh...I really really really wanna continue to chase u although I noe the answer.. last,I really felt tat the chance 4 me to b ur girl friend is still far from me...
            It will take me a few times to put it down...n i noe..TIMES will help 4 everything~~~ WEN HAO~Stay happy n healthy^^ wish u all the best in ur future<3  may I be selfish 4 a few second?? I hope tat Wen Hao will take the initiative to sms me n tell me the answer tat I really want~>_^ I LOVE YOU!!!

Monday, 7 November 2011

...I LOVE HIM...

I am very very very like him recently~maybe bcuz of his tweet???....haha~I felt tat he is friendly n nice,,,therefore v can chat wit each other comfortly~haha^^ YEA!!!He is my MR.RIGHT!!! I hope tat v can really really be together~ MAY I ??MR.ALEXANDER??


haha~~~ last nite I hd a sweet dream~yohooo~~~~~ its ...UKISS's KISEOP n me...haha~hd become couple~hahahahaha~(can't stop laughing!!!)
UNFORTUNATELY...... its jz a me....I can stay HAPPY for maybe 1 week bcuz of it!!!<3

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

* Kellie's Castle *

Miss U all!!!  haha~ v hv been a long time didnt meet each other ady~~~ aiyoyo~ all of u ....''fee ~~~~feet...'' so beautiful~~~~ @.@  Sulim~ u din look like children ady~~~ ^^haha~=D
               08/10/11(Sat) ...I feel very happy(although tat day I'm busy~~=.=)...I get the cookies' s phone number AND...!!! I hv meet with my dear NS friends~~~<3 Miss u all so much~~~  
               Meet u all again in next year February~=D  DON'T FORGET EACH OTHER!!!
                                 * FRIENDSHIP FOREVER *


Actually ,v hv 9 person ~jz 4 of us attend tis event~bcuz others are nt convenient in transport n nt free
(they live in Sarawak,KL..)
NVM~~~ V r still FOREVER NINE<3 

Sunday, 9 October 2011

# 文昊 WEN HAO #

Hello~everyone!!! I wanna tell u something~ wanna know??? hahaha~ The phone number of Cookies-- I GET IT !!! Yohooooooooooooooooooooo~~~~ exciting~ exciting ~ exciting~~~~ @.@
        08/10/11(Saturday)...I had tuition with EUNHEE ssi^^ As usual,she took me to tt..n..I wore....quite beautiful =D hehe~ n I took a bag tat I will take when shopping~ so,Eunhee ssi ask me where I go,then I tell her(actually...I cheat her^^) tat after Itt.I will go to Ipoh Parade to meet cookies n take his phone number~haha~      After she knew it is a lie, she said she want to took me there n do it...''HUHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...'' my response...=,= so,v go there b4 tt~(bad girls=.=..guys ,dont learn it~) that time,I'm so excited..bcoz I wanna see cookies~~~ <3  
          After arrived there,the 1st thing v do is see whether Cookies is there or not ~ LUCKILY,he is there~WooHoo~~~!!! so,I go to buy sweets from him~  After that...Eunhee ssi say v hv to get his phone number...''Hhhhhuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhh...'' ??? b4 I arrived there,yes...I think I can afford my ...when the times come....''Oh My God''~~~~ I 'm so really so scare....   v standing there n discuss whether want to get it or : next time la...Mei Mei...I'm so scare.....  MM: dun scare la...v hv arrive ady...dun waste it!!!
          When v r discussing....suddenly....from my eye corner..I saw an uncle look at us...n come near to us..''AH!!! MR.TAN!!!!!'' hehe~then v jz say hello to him~his wife...looks quite fierce...haha~Bt Mr.Tan is cute~ Our gud teacher!!! <3
            When MM wan to get the number.the Cookies disappear in the stall...0.0  Ohhhh...he come out to buy things~ then v saw him in our opposite side... MM run to him b4 he go into the stall~~~~ Luckily ,he give it!!! AH!!! Thanks~~~Cookies~~~ 
             After tat,v jz satisfy to go to tt~hehe~ it is ady 11.40am...hehe..late ady... SRY ,SIR~~~^^
             I am so happy !!!  THANKS EUNHEE SSI aka MEI MEI!!! GOMAWOYO!!! KAMSAHAMNIDA!!!<3   Thank u so much!!!  <3 <3 <3          Coiokies~Hope v can b friends...^^if can...let us.....<3  ...^^